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Tech-Free Tots: Holiday Gift Ideas

Tweet  “What do you think, Dr. Natasha? She really likes my new iPad mini. I’m thinking of buying her one for Christmas.”  I curiously looked at the father standing in my office. His busy 9-month-old daughter was showing off her new crawling skills, independently roaming the exam room.  “Buying one, for whom?” I asked.  “For […]

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Toddler Chores and My Silverware Drawer

TweetIf you ask for a spoon in my house, you may expect to be directed towards a drawer of neatly nestled stacks of stainless.  Instead, you will likely find this:    A tangled mess of silver and plastic in no apparent order.  I used to be bothered by a such a disorganized silverware drawer, but […]

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Guest Post: The Good and Bad of the Carpool Lane

TweetI have a kindergardener this year.  As much as she is adjusting to everyday school and to “no naps;” I am also adjusting to a set of new routines and obligations.  One of these is the carpool lane. After being in the drop-off and pick-up line for a solid month, I have noticed a problem.  I […]

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To Do, or Not To Do… The Circumcision

TweetSoon-to-be parents come to “interview” me almost every day. Typically, they come prepared with a long list of questions for a pediatrician. I answer them as best as I am able.  For parents soon-to-be-expecting sons, I am frequently asked about circumcision.  Most parents are just curious about how the procedure is technically done, when their baby […]

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Effective Childproofing: 3 Protection Tips and 1 Big Kid Project

Tweet When baby is around 6-months of age, most parents need to begin childproofing their home.  Here are 3 simple tips to keep your home a safe place for exploration and play.  1. Begin with the “Big 3.” Outlet plugs: Most families begin with outlet plug inserts. But, if you are anything like my family, these […]

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Thumb Sucking: Advice on When and How to Quit the Habit

TweetChildren sucking on their thumb (and/or fingers) is a common, normal behavior. Sucking is so naturally comforting that humans suck their fingers and toes as early as the womb. Even apes, chimps, and lemurs have been known to love the thumb! [Insert cute-thumb-sucking-baby-monkey-photo here:] Despite its normality, having a thumb-loving child causes parents concern. The […]

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Bye, Bye Pacifier: 4 Favorite Ways Plus 1

TweetHow to get rid of the pacifier is something I talk about nearly everyday. For parents cautiously considering paci-elimination tactics, I share my four favorite ways to say goodbye and trouble shoot for success. Many times, the conversation about the pacifier becomes an all-consuming topic at the visit. Rightly so. As many mothers know, just […]

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