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Dr. Oz: Autism, fear, and “good TV”

TweetI was looking forward to the Dr. Oz program entitled, “What Causes Autism?” As a pediatrician on the front lines, caring the future generation, I also want to find the answer. I was promised a show reflecting a collaboration of ideas and differing opinions. I wanted to hear about the latest research, the new theories, and […]

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Do you Google your child’s symptoms?

TweetTwo articles recently caught my eye while I was spending some time on Twitter. First, an op-ed piece was published on discussing how patients and doctors perceive the use of the online health information.  The article was closely followed by the results of a recent PEW research study which stated that 80% of Americans […]

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Sleep and ADHD: Relationships and recommendations

TweetThere was a recent post on the CNN health blog written by Dr. Lisa Shives, a sleep expert.  Her post was discussing the association of ADHD and sleep disorders.  In this post, I am adding additional information regarding the connection between ADHD and sleep, including some action steps for parents concerned that their child may […]

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Bye-bye Pacifier: 4 favorite ways

TweetAre you stressing out at the mere thought of getting rid of your child’s pacifier?  Most parents dread this topic!  Here is some advice on how to get rid of the pacifier with confidence and success. Pacifiers are an effective soothing mechanism for infants and have been shown to decrease the rate of SIDS during […]

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Teaching kids about their digital footprint: the who, the what, and the how.

TweetWhat did you get for Christmas?  For my tweens and teens, the answer has been i-things, video game systems, cell phones, and cameras.  What do these items have in common? The internet. All of these new devices either directly connect or need access to the internet in order to be fully functional.  For kids who […]

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Car Seat Refresher Course

TweetIn response to the increase in car seat safety questions during the last few weeks, I offer a refresher course to make sure our kiddos are traveling safely. Here are the answers to the questions listed on the last post. 1.  “At what age can my preschooler move to a booster seat?” The safest way […]

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Dear Santa, I want video games!

TweetI am a child of the Nintendo generation. I remember spending hours with that grey box, blowing on the game cartridge base to keep the game from being glitchy.   Personal gaming was fascinating, innovative, and exciting.  Our whole family loved it.  In fact, my brother spent so much time playing Super Mario Bros., he […]

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