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Addicted to Pinterest: 4 Reasons Why Social Media Age Limits Matter

TweetDuring a routine office visit, I was discussing activities and extracurriculars with a bright 10-year-old girl. She loved talking about her dance team, gymnastics, and her new hobby of horseback riding. Towards the end of our conversation, however, she said something that surprised me. “And, I am addicted to Pinterest.” I turned to her mother, […]

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Popularity Contest: The 10 Best

TweetAnother “Best of…” list? Really? Gimme a break – I’ve been on vacation!  Whether you consider this the last list of 2012, or the first of 2013; I offer you a list of my most popular posts of the year. Be sure to take a peek at the ones you missed.  The Alterna-Milks: My “milk […]

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Porn, Pot, and Other Problems: A Teen Top 10 List

TweetIn a pediatrician’s office, summertime is teen check-up time. And, I love it. Annual checkups are a time for me to catch up on the school year, brag about amazing extra-curricular accomplishments, and swoon over summer vacation plans. It is also a time for anticipatory guidance, private conversations, and facing the often sobering reality of Kansas […]

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Prioritize Teen Sleep: Springing Forward and the “Race to Nowhere”

TweetAre you tired this morning? Did you order the Venti instead of the Grande, like me? Pushing the clock ahead one hour at this time each year can seem like a cruel joke. Those 60 minutes of “lost time” have a profound effect, physically and mentally, at the beginning of this week. And although I […]

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Teens, Privacy, and Anticipatory Guidance. It is my Business.

TweetAs a pediatrician, part of my job is to freely discuss potentially risky behaviors with patients and their families. Providing this advice is often called anticipatory guidance. If I see a consistent issue or concern among my patient families… It becomes an issue to anticipate. So, I talk about it. The anticipatory topics for teens […]

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6 Tips: Make the Best of Your Teen’s Annual Health Physical

TweetSummer is the time most teenagers come to the pediatrician’s office for their annual health exams. Here are 6 tips to help make the best of the time you spend with your doctor. 1.  Make an appointment. Now. Teens are a dynamic animal. And fortunately, most are very healthy. But healthy kids need doctors, too. […]

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