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Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in #hcsm, Child Health, Featured, Innovation, Parenting, Technology | 4 comments

A New Home

A New Home

KCKidsDocDotLogo (1)Like the look of the place?

After four years of blogging, I needed a new home. A place a little bit bigger with a few more rooms and a bigger yard; somewhere to stretch out. 

So, I built it. 

The foundation of this place has not changed. It remains firmly set in my love for patient care and using social media to connect with patients. I completely enjoy sharing my experiences in clinic, using them as a framework of encouragement and education to help families make confident health decisions for their kids. The topics of conversation seem to never end, and the need to share quality health science has never been more important. 

You may notice a few new rooms. 

I am actively working to add creative and innovative solutions to a job that I love. Doing checkups differently, using technology, documentation changes, social media analytics, vaccine awareness – all these things add to my dynamic life as a doc. This new place will allow more space to explore interesting, exciting, and unique areas of medicine. 

Introducing KCKidsDoc v 2.0.

  • I hope you find it easier to use. To find helpful information. To comment and participate. 
  • I hope you find it valuable to your family, and your personal healthcare decision making. 
  • I hope you find it inspiring to find doctors out there who do want to make a difference. 
  • I hope you find it a better place to share solutions, making our jobs – docs and parents – easier.

As always, you can find me sharing on Twitter. And now check out a new KCKidsDoc Facebook page and a new Instagram feed

I hope you will find these new places helpful and interesting.

Thanks for reading, supporting, sharing, and joining me these last 4 years. Here’s to the next 4 in a new, fun place.


    • Thanks so much for stopping by. NB

  1. Love your site! In the 4 years you’ve been blogging, I’ve never stopped by. So happy to have visited you today!!
    On a side note, I got a new phone and lost the app that could communicate with you guys. What is the name of it so I can download it again, I already have the user name and password.

    Love the site!! You are such a wonderful Dr. Love having you!

    • Where have you been, Stranger? Thanks for stopping by. The app is KonciergeMD. NB

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