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Sleep and ADHD: Relationships and recommendations

TweetThere was a recent post on the CNN health blog written by Dr. Lisa Shives, a sleep expert.  Her post was discussing the association of ADHD and sleep disorders.  In this post, I am adding additional information regarding the connection between ADHD and sleep, including some action steps for parents concerned that their child may […]

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Teaching kids about their digital footprint: the who, the what, and the how.

TweetWhat did you get for Christmas?  For my tweens and teens, the answer has been i-things, video game systems, cell phones, and cameras.  What do these items have in common? The internet. All of these new devices either directly connect or need access to the internet in order to be fully functional.  For kids who […]

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10 Things: The First Cell Phone

Thinking about the first cell phone for your son or daughter? Here are 10 things to consider before making the purchase.

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