Diaper Rash on a Stick

TweetThe frustrated mom was coming back to my clinic for the third time in 2 weeks. Her daughter’s stubborn diaper rash would not go away.  “I use the ointment, it goes away. I stop the ointment, it comes right back. What else can we do, Dr. Natasha?” On third glance, I was puzzled. Her daughter […]

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A New Add to Your Trusted Parenting Network: Mama Doc Medicine

TweetMoms and Dads arrive to my office for their newborn’s first checkup with overflowing diaper bags, perfectly matched baby outfits, and sleep-deprived eyes. Many of them also come with one question. “Tell me the one place to go for answers. I need one place.” New parents share the frustration of being inundated by family, friends, […]

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Yik Yak: What Parents Need to Know About Anonymous Social Networking Apps

Tweet“It’s a disgrace to the human race.”  The talented, high school senior physically cringed as she described the app, adding, “it’s just horrifying what people put on there.”  Teens in my office have nearly universally agreed in the repulsive nature of one of the newest social networking apps called Yik Yak. The app is causing […]

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5 Things About the DTaP vaccine: Adding Insight and Correcting Misinterpretation

Tweet  New studies about DTaP vaccine are making headlines, and causing anti-vaccine opinionists to share interpretive nonsense.  It is increasingly common knowledge that we are having an international problem with pertussis (whooping cough). Just check out the green circles on this map. Researchers are actively trying to determine why outbreaks are continuing to spread despite good […]

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How to Get a Picky Eater to Eat: CNN Could Have Done Better

TweetLast month, CNN released a report on picky eaters. This short piece featured the family of a picky pre-schooler, Harper O’Bamsawin. The brave O’Bamsawin family opened their house to the world, seeking solutions to improve their dinner table experience. The result, however, was an expose of common problems left unsolved. As the camera revealed a […]

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Convertible Car Seats: What Parents Need to Know in 2014

Tweet Car seat recommendations seems to change all the time. And, for good reason. Motor vehicle collisions remain one of the leading causes of injury and death in children. To best protect kids, researchers constantly review crash data, travel habits, and available safety features in the cars that we drive.  This year, how to best […]

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Can We Be Sex* Partners?

Tweet A recent study in JAMA Pediatrics discovered that conversations about sexual health between a health provider and a teen patient are shockingly short (less than 40 seconds), full of bland yes/no answers, and more likely to occur if the patient is older. The research has put a glaring light on the need for better sex […]

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